Time is a Construct

Time is a weird thing…

That’s how I start my piece “Time is a Construct.” The piece was created during the 2023 Miami Dance Maker program and was premiered four months ago at the Pérez Art Museum in Miami, Florida.

The solo is inspired by confined spaces. The primary source of inspiration is a cage that is exhibited at the Pérez Art Museum, called Penetrável Macaléia by the Brazilian artist, Hélio Oiticica. It is a cage with an open door that gives a sense of confinement but also agency to break out of it. When inside the cage, I am in a confined space, yet I can look outside and see the expansive beautiful Miami scenery of palm trees and the ocean through its red and yellow colors that express the vibrancy of the Global South.

As a woman who grew up in the Global North but with roots in the Global South, I always felt the confinement of how people perceive me in my body. I always felt confined in the space that I was allowed to take up and would also wonder about how long it will last. All struggles in life are temporary, but sometimes we become impatient because we feel confined by time. And that is what the concept of my piece is about, a reflection on time. 

My solo work travels through space, changing in speed and in dynamics, representing the various perceptions and experiences of time. As an example, I walk in circles simulating the passing of time, how we see it measured on a clock. My creative process has been a whirlwind reflective of my current life experience. It has involved a journaling and reflection, that then translated into a movement exploration.

The sound score is primarily spoken word, a reflection on time with background vocals. Working with spoken word has been a more recent exploration and how that can support the overall message, is crucial to my exploration. The costume, is simplistic in design, imitating the suit of a construction worker, but also connotating the colors of UN Peacekeeping with its blue tone.

All in all, this work represents the interplay between perception versus reality, the feeling of being trapped versus being free. I believe that many can relate to similar experiences of feeling “caged in” in one way or another, whether it is a story of immigration and time or not. Most recent feedback included that the piece feels like a guided mediation reminding audiences to stand still at times and listen to their inner selves. 

To see the original full version, head over to my Media site and request the Password with any donation that will go into growing our mission to using the arts as a tool for change through global collaboration.

But in the meantime I do have a surprise for you. The musician, Keba, and I got together and created a trailer version at my sponsored rehearsal space the beautiful Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Enjoy 🙂

We hope that this piece makes you think and reflect. We are open to conversation and comments at any time.

AND I have a last little surprise coming up for my London friends: We will be hosting a screening of “Rebirth” (http://reshmadanse.com/rebirth/) in London at the end of the month! So stay tuned on our socials @music.onpointe and @reshmadanse on instagram and facebook for further details.

With all the love,

Reshma & team