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Happy International Women’s Day, Happy Holi, Happy Full Moon and happy second Podcast launch!

Yes, today is a very special day. It marks the day after a transformative full moon, the day Holi is celebrated and International Women’s Day.

Although Women should be celebrated for their strength and resilience every day, today is the perfect day to treat ourselves and recognize our achievements. Women are in most cases identified as a more vulnerable population group. Our ancestors fought for our right to vote not too long ago, gender roles and stereotypes are still being manipulated and pay gaps still exist. In some areas of the world, for a woman to make her own decisions over her body and her right to receive education are being denied.

With all that in mind, it is important to remember the power that we hold as women. Today is special because the full moon gave many of us the opportunity to really tap into our feminine energies and channel our inner strength to enter the season of Spring that is marked by the Festival of Holi, which is known as the Festival of Love, an opportunity to attract the colors of life, be surrounded by positivity and carry compassion in our hearts.

That being said, for today’s podcast, I had a very special guest, Kelsey Holley, who I studied dance with at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and who now went on to practice recreational therapy after attaining her Master in that field. Kelsey has always been a philanthropist by nature and hearing her experience of the positive impacts of movement on health with her wide array of patients is truly inspiring.

You can listen to our conversation here:

Or if you like to see us, here is a video recording:

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Happy International Women’s Day, Happy Holi, Happy Full Moon and happy second Podcast launch y’all!

Your Music On Pointe Team.