Master in Public Administration

School of Public Policy at London School of Economics and Political Science

Modules include: Quantitative Analysis, Macro-/Micro-Economics, Political Science, Designing&Managing Change in the Public Sector, Making governments deliver for development, International&Comparative Political Economy, Behavioral Economics, Development Economics, Designing and delivering Evidence-Informed Policy and Programmes

Capstone Consultant at Plan International: Conducting quantitative analysis, literature reviews, stakeholder interviews and scenario planning on best practice policy approaches to gain support for and deliver effective comprehensive sexuality education (in a team of 4).

Co-lead of Public Sphere Journal of Public Policy Podcast

Reshma Anwar

I am a dance artist with a passion for building positive connections all around the world. MusicOnPointe x ReshmaDanse is a sharing platform, showcasing different cultures through the arts as part of occasional benefit events. Make your voice be heard and help educate the world about your community while contributing to a better tomorrow! Join the movement!



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